Roto-o-Rangi School

At Roto-o-Rangi School, we are committed to providing a positive, stimulating, enjoyable learning environment where your child is encouraged to Aim High and reach their full potential.  Key features of our school include:

The school’s positive culture is strongly influenced by high quality teaching and the explicit promotion of values set in consultation with the community.  Our six school values are:

Respect:  Admire the good qualities of yourself and people - young and old. Behave in a way that shows you care about their feelings and well-being

Consideration: Giving careful thought and kindness to yourself and others

Responsibility: Take care of something or somebody and carry it out as a duty to yourself and others

Enthusiasm: Enjoy giving things your best, using a positive attitude

Co-operation: Working together to achieve a goal

Resilience: Taking on a challenge and recovering from any setbacks

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School Information Booklet

To view our School Information Booklet, please click on the image below. 


 Below is some general information about the various ways we communicate with you and an outline of our school day.  


Whole school assemblies are held fortnightly on a Friday at 9.40am and parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend. Each week, children whose academic achievements and behaviour reflect the school vision and values are recognised, one class shares with us what they have been learning, general announcements are made and birthdays are celebrated.


We have a Facebook page that we use to maintain contact with parents, ex-pupils and friends. Please click the link below and become a 'friend'!

Face book


The school newsletter is sent home fortnightly on a Thursday with the eldest child of the family, to keep you up to date with what is happening in the school.  If you would like the newsletter emailed to you, please let the office know your email details.  Click on the following link to read our latest newsletters.


From time to time permission slips for school events will also be included with the newsletter and we ask that these are filled in and returned to school promptly.  The office holds a copy of all notices, so if you miss one please ask for another copy. 

Open Door Policy & Parent Involvement

We welcome parents/caregivers at all times and your involvement in our classroom programmes is appreciated. If you would like to join your child in classroom activities, please make arrangements with the class teacher. The types of things parents/caregivers have helped with include, listening to children read in the junior classes, helping make displays of children’s work, filing reading books, assisting the Eco team, assisting with school excursions/camps, cataloging library books and journals etc.  

If you would like to discuss your child’s learning, we would appreciate it if you could make an appointment directly with your child’s teacher to ensure they are available.

Reporting to Parents

In Term 1 families are invited to attend a "Meet the Teacher" BBQ evening and will receive a 'Settling In' report for their child.
Parents/caregivers are provided two written reports a year: a Mid Report and an End Report. 
At the end of each term your child will bring home a portfolio of their work, known as their He Ara Poutama. The Poutama has examples of the work your child has been doing over the past term, as it applies to the various curriculum areas.  

All families have a Parent/Teacher/Student conference at the time they get the Mid Report, but may request a conference at any time during the year if the need arises.

School Day

The school day runs as follows:

School Starts.........................9.00am

Morning Tea.........................10.15am -10.35am

Lunch....................................11.50am – 12.40pm

Games Break........................1.40pm – 2.00pm

School Finishes.....................3.00pm