Roto-o-Rangi School

Neighbourhood Support/Civil Defence 


Roto-o-Rangi School is an Information Point in the event of a civil emergency.

If you are in the Roto-o-Rangi/Kairangi area, come to the school or contact the school to gain information about the civil emergency and actions to be taken.
See below information from Judi Smythe re Natural Disasters

Hello Roto-o-Rangi School and district – Part One – A NATURAL DISASTER by Judi Smythe

As the Cambridge Community Safety Officer and Neighbourhood Support Area Coordinator, I work closely with our local Police and Civil Defence (Western Waikato). We (NS Cambridge) are able to contact over 2500 "households” through the Neighbourhood Support database (albeit that includes the CBD, Rest Homes and school) which we have established and in times of emergency it could be life saving.

So far in YOUR area we have groups in:
 1. Roto-o-rangi Rd, Nickle & Massey Rds
 2. Norwegian & Kairangi Rd (part of)
 3. Tirohanga Rd
 4. Roto-o-rangi Rd (town end)
On behalf of Neighbourhood Support and Civil Defence, I have recently visited all 15 schools in our district to update our relationship as either Civil Defence Information Centres OR Civil Defence Welfare Centres; the latter are generally the larger schools who can host refugees overnight. We will also be contacting your Hall Committee.
SO, if we had a NATURAL DISASTER or a man-made disaster – these are the initial steps to follow:

1.  JOIN Neighbourhood Support!  As an NS group you should have a pre-discussed plan as to where you would meet to ensure that you are all accounted for and to ensure that those who need extra help are helped. A plan template will be available for you to use for this.
2.  Have your NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPPORT LEADER ring 111 (if possible) and report any injuries or people at risk and then ring the council and report any severe damage that the area may have incurred.
3.  STAY HOME with your neighbours unless your home has been made unliveable.
4.  Refer to your plan and pool resources with your group and help each other until the emergency services are able to contact you – realistically this could be up to 3 days or more! It is a known fact that NS groups in Christchurch were able to get their lives back together far quicker than those who had no such support.
5.  Listen to the radio (stations are listed in the Waipa Civil Defence booklet) and when activated (sign placed outside) your LOCAL SCHOOL will be a CIVIL DEFENCE CENTRE so if possible, send a delegate there to gather further information.

The important message is – if you belong to a NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPPORT GROUP, you are NOT ALONE!  You and your family have support until help arrives!  If you are not yet part of group or would like to start a new group in your area  – CONTACT ME!

Contact – Judi Smythe: Postal: C/- Cambridge Police Station, 18 Dick Street, Cambridge 3434
Phone – 07 827 6172 (leave a message) or mb 021 573 323 Email –