Roto-o-Rangi School

 How to stay informed

There are numerous ways of staying up to date with the school events.

  1.  Newsletter: a paper and email version of the newsletter occurs every fortnight (Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9). These are produced on a Thursday.
  2. Website: the website is updated regularly and holds current and long term information. It is the A-Z of the school.
  3. Facebook: the up to date, last minute information spreading format. Also used to celebrate the many cool things happening in the school.
  4. TIQBIZ: the instant messager. Download the app on to your phone and whenever urgent messages, or reasons to celebrate are sent out it appears right there on your phone

Where do I find them?

The newsletter will be given to you hopefully, otherwise it will be on the bottom of your child's bag.

The website is

Facebook is


For those new to using the TIQBIZ, you can download the app by:

1.     Go to the Play Store or Apple Store on your smartphone.

2.      Search for TIQBIZ

3.      Download the app – (but not the TIQBIZ Admin one.)

4.      Install and open.

5.      Register – enter your name, NZ, email address, and make up a password.

6.      Click- Find Boxes – then go to Schools, Primary.

7.      Scroll to Roto-o-Rangi School and select it.

8.      Tick each group you want messages from –  i.e. whole school (that’s messages from the office), Room ?, Rugby, etc. Each time you tap a group you will need to enter the password – Roto3495.

9.     Close it. Then find the icon and start using.

It even has the school calendar, school website and absence form on it so you can see these things too.

There have been a number of messages sent out already this year, so we hope you are getting them.