Roto-o-Rangi School

Student Leaders 

Four Student Leaders are selected each year due to their leadership qualities displayed over the previous few years at the school.

Their resilience, respectfulness, enthusiasm and                co-operative skills are challenged, tested and developed over the year as part of their leadership roles in the school.

Critical and creative thinking are mixed with self management and organisational skills to take on new tasks, activities and jobs so that they can help our school be a better learning place.

So what do our student leaders do?

Our leaders meet with student leaders from other schools to discuss learning, teaching, leadership and general school environments.  They share with us their perspectives on the teaching and learning that occurs at our school, as well as any other issues they wish to discuss. Student leaders have developed lunchtime programmes for the Junior children, contributed their ideas to what our school vision should be, helped to design a pictorial respresentation of our vision to better explain the concepts, and pushed us to increase our ICT capacity.  Being a student leader is also a fantastic way to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Each year we invite the leaders to attend leadership forums such as the National Young Leaders Day, GRIP Leadership conference or have leadership specialists (such as the the Waikato Institute of Leisure and Sport Studies) come and coach the students in developing their leadership skills.

All of our senior students are expected, and supported, to take on various lead roles within the school: from being House Team captains and bus, lunch, milk and PE monitors through to welcoming visitors, speaking at special events and whakatau.

Team Building and Leadership Day

In Term One a team of senior students participate in a Sport Waikato Team Building and Leadership Day. The team compete with groups from other schools throughout the day as they work on their Team and Leadership skills.

National Young Leaders Day

Each year our students leaders attend at least one Leadership conference to inspire them and help develop their own leadership skills. The NYLD (National Young Leaders Day) is often one of those conferences.