Roto-o-Rangi School

Eco Leaders


So what do the Eco team do?

The Eco team are responsible for leading and encouraging Eco practises throughout the school. The Eco programme has been running for two years and in that time we have created an orchard with plum, peach, nectarine, apple, mandarin, feijoa, lime and lemon trees, have 4 vegetable gardens, built an outdoor hut of willow canes, developed a native play area, carried out rubbish audits and continually encouraged students to recycle and put their scraps into the correct bins. They have also visited Amber Garden Centre to see how to grow vegetables and plants on a commercial scale as well as visiting other schools to see how their Eco programme works.

The Eco team are continuing to care for the fruit trees, the Vege gardens and the willow hut. We have also planted 150 daffodil plants along the front fence of the school, 3 native trees in the native play area and we continue to re plant our vege gardens. A new initiative this year is to make our four vege gardens a responsibility for each class with the Eco team helping.

  Native Play Area
The vege gardens and fruit trees need looking after

      The orchard bears fruit.