Roto-o-Rangi School

Welcome to Room 3

We are a class of very lively Year 2 and 3 children and our main focus for the year has been sustainability.  As part of looking after our class and the environment, we have many daily duties, including:

  • watering the many plants in our room and outside our classroom
  • feeding, cleaning and caring for our classroom pets 
  • taking care to recycle our rubbish into food scraps, paper and plastics. 
  • visiting Maungatautari Southern enclosure
  • looking after the school orchard

In term 3 we had a Wearable Arts Fashion Parade called "Tread Lightly on this Earth." Every child in the school planned, designed and created amazing outfits that all the parents were invited to view. 

Our focus for Term 4 will be “Learning to Learn” through inquiry and De Bono’s six thinking hats and many of the children will also be taking part in our Ag Day.

Technology is an integral part of the class programme and we use laptops and tablets and an interactive TV to help our learning. In writing we use google docs so that we can easily share our writing with the teacher, our writing buddies and, of course, home! Study ladder is a good practising tool for our basic facts learning in maths too. We love to read and have a huge selection of books in the room. Even the pet rats are just about ready to read.