Roto-o-Rangi School

Welcome to Room 4

Room 4 is made up of 24 enthusiastic students. Our class has a very strong family feel about it where everybody displays respect, empathy and kindness towards each other. We apply our values in everything that we do. Room 4 is a very student centred environment, where the classroom set up changes to suit the needs and the learning of the children who enter our doors. We aim to make the children as Agentic in their learning as possible - we give them as much say and choice in their learning as possible for their age and stage, with all the necesary guidance from the teacher. 

Whilst, the core areas of reading, writing and maths are the foundations of our learning programmes, we develop the whole child. Their social, emotional, physical and academic needs are always considered. Because we respond to the individual, each and every child experiences success, challenge and growth.
Our school vision is Aim High, something we aim to do that every day. Our mission is developing strong foundations for learning, strong values and to be innovative learners. From phonemic spelling programmes, to developing our own google site to display our learning journey every child is precious and being prepared for an amazing future we can only dream of.

Want to see more about what we are doing in Room 4, then click on our Room 4 site