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Novel coronavirus further information

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The Ministry of Education have issued the following latest statement regarding Coronavirus;

Current advice regarding who needs to stay away

We have collated the key information from the Ministry of Health website to support your understanding of current requirements for the stay away period:
New border measures will deny entry to New Zealand for anyone who has left or transited through mainland China after midnight on 2 February 2020, with the exception of:
New Zealand citizens (including those from the three Countries of the Realm: Tokelau, Niue and the Cook Islands), permanent residents and their immediate family
Air crews on direct flights from mainland China who have been using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

If have been in close contact with a confirmed novel coronavirus case you should self-isolate for 14 days. If you develop symptoms including fever, coughing and difficulty breathing you should ring Healthline (for free) on 0800 611 116 or your doctor.
As of 2 February 2020, all travellers arriving in New Zealand out of mainland China should self-isolate for a period of 14 days from the time they leave mainland China. People who departed from mainland China before midnight 2 February are not required to self-isolate unless they have been in Wuhan City or Hubei Province in the last 14 days. A key point is that the 14 day stay away period starts from when the person left China (or Wuhan City/Hubei Province). Not when they were due to start back at school or from when they arrived in New Zealand (eg, they may have travelled to another country before arriving here).

Stay away 14 day - guidance
Ministry of Health has also updated their guidance today, for those that are being asked to stay away (Health use the words “self-isolation”). It has been updated to remove any confusion about what is required for those staying away.

This information will particularly be useful for homestay families and school hostels. The information may also be of interest to your school community including:
If you have not been in contact with someone who has been infected with the virus, then your risk of being infected is very low,
People are being asked to take simple common-sense steps as you would with the seasonal flu-virus,
Ministry of Health is only asking those people who have travelled in mainland China to stay away, not any other people who they may be living with.
This most current stay away guidance applies only to those who arrived from mainland China after 2 February 2020. The guidance may, however, be useful for those who arrived from Wuhan City / Hubei Province in the last 14 days and are completing their stay away period.

Following the advice of Ministry of Health;
At the time of writing there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in New Zealand, although the Ministry of Health do anticipate that at some stage this will occur. They are well prepared for such an eventuality as we are sure you are too.

In managing potential risk, your school or early learning service should be following the advice of the Ministry of Health.

Welcome to 2020

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Welcome to a new decade and another exciting year of learning at Roto-o-Rangi School.
The children will start on Monday, Feb 3rd. We will welcome all new staff, students and families with a Whakatau underneath the archgola @ 9:15am. Current students can enter their classes as normal. We ask new staff, families and their children to wait at the front of the school under the Totara tree before the Whakatau.
Following the whakatau, children will then assemble, classlists will be read out and students can follow their teachers to their classrooms.
All parents are then welcome to share some morning tea and have a chat before heading home/to work.

Roto Athletics

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On a perfectly sunny day we held our Athletics Day. Here are a few photos of the fun had.

Port Waikato Camp

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The Year 5/6 children enjoyed a challenging and exciting camp at Port Waikato. Activities included: running down sand dunes into the mouth of the Waikato River, exploring rock pools, crawling through Nikau Caves to explore 10,000-year-old stalactites, climbing, archery, BMX biking, enjoying a Pokeno ice-cream, eeling, campfire making but most enjoyable of all was tackle bullrush on the mudflats.

Rural Cross Country

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The weather tried to hinder the Rural Cross Country but the children were not deterred.
Congratulations to everyone who competed. You represented the school beautifully: competed hard, participated with Enthusiasm and Respect, were supportive of other athletes and endured the weather without complaint.
Congratulations also to those who finished in the top 6, and we had quite a lot. We will hand out those certificates next week in assembly.
Especially proud of the support everyone gave each other - running alongside a teammate when they were distressed, stopping in your race to help a teammate who was hurt and the constant cheering for each other no matter what place we were coming. THAT is what Roto-o-Rangi School is about!
(Looking for some photos please parents - especially of the 5-8 yr old races).
Thanks to those parents who were able to help with transport too. It saved a lot of to and fro with the bus.

Cross Country

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Finally, the weather cleared and were able to hold our school cross country.
The event on the Wallis farm is always a highlight and there were many positive comments about the day from the new families.
The children were resplendent in their House colours and cheered loudly. The competition was fierce and so many children did exceptionally well as a result. Congratulations to all those who completed the course, those who gave their utmost and for those runners who were able to finish in the top 3 in their race.

Busy Week coming up

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Wednesday: The Cross Country is still at the Wallis Farm/Quarry across the road from school. The timetable is exactly the same, with the first race starting at 12.45. Age races are: 7yr olds first, then 8yr olds, then 5 yr olds, 6 yr olds, 9 yr olds, 10+ yr olds and Cup Races.

Thursday night is the Roto-o-Rangi School Speech night. Finalists should be decided in the next 30hrs.

Friday is kapahaka festival. There will be 30 Roto students attending as spectators in preparation for us joining the festival in 2020.


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A winter disco was held in the Roto-o-Rangi Hall with a theme if White and bright. The black lighting certainly made the clothes shine and the glow sticks added to the spectacle. All them children had an awesome time dancing to the latest tunes from DJ Trubby.

Matariki Hangi

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To celebrate Matariki some wonderful parents organised for a hangi to be layed at school. With over 110 dinners being handed out on the night, we can say it was an awesome evening.
The night culminated in the story telling of George Griggs a local to Roto-o-Rangi and amatuer historian. George informed us of the early history of NZ through to some of the important local stories which has lead the area of Roto-o-Rangi to be what it is today.

Gumboot Friday

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Gumboot Friday! After a quick chat about the point of Gumboot Friday - funding counselling for children, we used some races to enjoy being alive, having friends, being in a great school and loving families. The first race was just seeing how hard it is to run in gumboots and then the most important race was the "Silliest run" race.
Thanks to everyone who contributed. We raised $100 for the day - not bad for a gold coin donation from 65 children minus 10 who were competing at the Inter-school swimming sports.

Te Rereka puppet show

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We were treated to a highly interactive, well told and enjoyable puppet show today. Te Rereka - The Flight is a puppet show using a variety of puppets from the Toro Pikopiko Rock-Art Puppetry collection. It tells a Maori Story of the rereka looking for its own kind and is related to a rock art discovery near Timaru.
The aim of the show is to raise awareness of our historical Rock-Art heritage among children and students, so that they may assist in the future preservation of this fragile cultural treasure, by being delightfully informed about it.
After the performance, the Room Rima akonga participated in a workshop about puppetry. More photos on the school website.

2 Kiwi visit and get released

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The school were treated to a rare event today. Two Kiwi were brought to the school for all the children to see and hear about the detailed process of conserving our kiwi and returning them to Muangatautari.
Two students said a karakia for a safe life to the kiwi and then every student received a close-up view of each one. Following that close encounter, 11 very lucky children (and a few adults) went with the kiwi into the Maungatautari bush. The children searched for a suitable burrow that the Kiwi could call Home. They were able to watch them both move into their new homes and settle down for a good sleep after a tiring day. Thanks to Bill Garland and the Maungatautari Sanctuary group for giving our children a life long memory.

2019 Starts

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YAY! School starts tomorrow. Whakatau to welcome new people at 9.00am. All "oldies" meet in Room 5 as soon as you arrive to practice waiata ready for whakatau.
Before School Care is operating with a new supervisor - Llanny. Head to MP Room as usual if you are at school prior to 8.30am.👍

Room 5 Camp

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Room 5 enjoyed their few days on school camp in Auckland. Lots of experiences : transportation - we went walking, train, ferry, tram, car rides; learning accomplished - more about space at the Spacedome, Tip Top factory production line and systems, Map Art at the Auckland Art Gallery, electricity and conduction at MOTAT; social skills - preparing food for 30 people, sharing rooms with 5 people, getting to the right places on time, dealing with issues when you're really tired, supporting each other as we climbed very steep hills (Rangitoto and One Tree Hill).
All in all a very active, full-on learning experience. We didn't even get time to have the highly popular Bingo Night because we just didn't have time.
Thanks to all the parents who accompanied us. You made the camp easy through your hard work and fun attitude with the children.
Here is a selection of the group photos taken.

Ag Day

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Another extremely successful Ag Day was held in the first week back. The sun was shining, the lambs and kid goats were following the rules and everyone was happy. There were magnificent brownies and pikelets in the Roto Chef of the Year competition. Whilst green thumbs were a plenty with the children growing a garden in a bucket and recording the process they went through. Here are just a few photos from the day.

Rāmere Rapunga

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Rāmere Rapunga is drawing to a close for yet another year. The children have been learning extra curricular activities which they have chosen. This term they chose to do: papier machè, indoor bowls, digital photography, canvas art or ukelele.
These are excellent opportunities to do something they often don't get to try, or have a keen interest in.
Both students and teachers love the opportunbity given by having our Friday Investigations - Rāmere Rapunga.

Cross Country

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We have had another stunning Cross Country Season.
Roto Cross Country saw the whole school making the annual pilgrimage to Wallis Farm to hold our Cross Country. Well attended by families again, the weather just held out.
Then it was off to the Rural School's Cross Country. With the top 3 placegetters in each race them forming the Rural School's Team to go and compete against the big school's in town. 10 of our children formed the Rural Team.
The Rural Team performed exceptionally well as did our students. We had a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd and 25th place by students in our school. Awesome!

Space Centre

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Today the children from Rooms 4 and 5 travelled to the outer reaches of our solar system. As a conclusion to a term of studying space and the galactic objects around our earth the children celebrated the vast amount of learning they have done over the last few weeks. Thanks to Space Dave for the informative, highly exciting and stellar time we had at his Space Centre. The children all returned buzzing, especially the Virtual Reality spin we had through the galaxy. Even the adults had to make sure they had a turn.

Pink Shirt Day 2018

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The Roto-o-Rangi staff and students went PINK for Pink Shirt Day 2018 on May 18th. A whole lot of fun was had! Everyone got behind the anti-bullying message and stood together as a school.

For more information and resources, visit:

Swimming Sports

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We held our annual school swimming sports at St Peter’s College, Cambridge last
Friday 2nd March 2018. The full school attended with many families coming along in support. The
junior classes participated in swimming demonstrations in the indoor pool before we all moved to the
outdoor pool for age group and championship races.  
There was a great atmosphere of camaraderie and competition, with all students getting behind their swimmers, wearing their house colours and, being vocal in their support and encouragement.
The day finished with the hotly contested teachers, parents and students relay race, which was won by the parents’ team, but only just.
The 2018 Swimming Champion Boy was Devon, runner up was Harry. The 2018 Swimming Champion Girl was
Libby. Lucy and Greer were joint Runners Up.
A number of the top finishers will be challenging their peers at the Rural Schools Swimming sports on Monday 19 th March 2018.
Roto-o- Rangi School is fortunate to have its own outdoor heated swimming pool which allows students to enjoy swimming with their classes on a daily basis during Terms 1 and 4. This encourages children to become proficient in swimming and water safety.

Country Fair

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The biennial Roto-o-Rangi Country Fair was attended by people from far and wide. The local community came out in support, leanding a hand with setting up and providing resources, to make another successful Fair. Vintage cars and tractors mixed with old fashioned games of Tin Can, Needle in the Haystack, Tug of War and many more. Country Music filled the air, as did the sweet smell of Candyfloss, toffee apples and pulled pork buns. A magnificent day that drew a huge crowd who had an enjoyable time. Roll on 2019.

Start for Term 1, 2018

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School will begin at 9:00am on Wednesday 31st January. Both bus runs will be operating from this date.
2018 will begin with a powhiri to welcome all students and families into the school. Whilst some of us have been here a long time, we have not been welcomed to join the Roto-o-Rangi whānau via a powhiri/whakatau. Hence we are rectifying this on Wednesday 31st.
All families and children are invited to wait inside the school gates between Room 1 and the Office or in front of Room 1 until the whakatau begins at 9am.
Parents who stay are welcome to join the principal for a cup of tea after the whakatau. The children will assemble outside Room 4 and 5 to meet with their teacher and begin their day.

Armistice Day commemorations

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We know tradition is important; to know where you come from shapes where you will go and so the children were involved in the Armistice Day commemorations on Sunday Nov 12th. Thanks to Abbie and Max for representing the school at the wreath laying ceremony. You both did us proud with your empathy, respect and attitude towards this event and what it represents.

Marae visit 2017

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On Friday 27th October the entire school visited the local community marae, Nga Hau e Wha. For the first time, we were invited on to the marae, and so the children and many adults, experienced the role as Manuhiri. Piripi and Vinnie were very supportive of our school and everyone there were involved in performing the hongi too. Afterwards the Seniors were given a quick history lesson about the region and the importance of the Maungatautari area before heading off to local points of importance - Lake Te Ko Utu and the monument marking a cemetary in St Kilda beside the new highway. Meanwhile the Juniors stayed at the marae to experience activities in the life of Maaori many years ago: ti rakau, poi, harakeke, waiata, string games, legends.
It was an awesome day.

Roto Cross Country

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Finally the weather dried up and we were able to hold the Roto-o-Rangi Cross Country. The Wallis Farm was once again the venue for this very challenging course. The children gave their best and despite injury, tiredness and steep hill climbs they all ran very well. Below are numerous snaps of the day. We look forward to the Rural Schools' challenge next week.

Community Consultation Survey

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A separate section has been created for the survey. Simply return to the home page and scroll down to the Community Survey tab.

naku noa,

​The BOT​ and staff​

U.S. Visitors

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On Friday Roto-o-Rangi School enjoyed some American flavour. Travelling from Vermont, three primary school teachers visited the school as part of their Master degree. They wanted to see how the school integrated IT into the reading programme. The children were ever so pleased to show their skills to visitors from so far away.
The visiting teachers were impressed at how well the children knew exactly what they were learning, how it was helping. Besides the traditional method of using books with the teacher, the children also use digital resources to target specific learning. The school uses a variety of digital resources within their literacy programmes.
Relatives of a family attending Roto-o-Rangi went to our school for a few days whilst visiting from the US and obviously had talked a lot about what they did when they went back home. So when the teachers were coming over this way they too decided to visit us.
It is always satisfying to share good teaching practice, no matter where in the world you are from.

St Peter's Orchestra visit

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Part of the St Peter's School orchestra came to perform at school on Tuesday 13th June. For nearly an hour the entire school were mesmerised by them. They heard Tchaikovsky, German opera, Troll's theme song, a compilation of James Bond themes and a bucket drumming display. Included were numerous lessons about the various instruments. The children interacted beautifully with the conductor and came away very excited about what can be done if they keep practicing.

Roto Swimming Sports

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Mrs furze made a great call today. The swimming sports were held in perfect weather. The children performed their very best. It ran like clock work. There were many awesome swims and many children achieved some personal challenges. Congrats to all the children. For the first time in many years the children won the Adults v children's race! Amazing fun.

Starting 2017

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Welcome back to another brilliant year at Roto-o-Rangi School, and Nau mai, haere mai to new families. We hope everyone had a relaxing, exciting, fun time whilst enjoying some maximum family time over the Christmas break.
Students start on Wednesday Feb 1st @ 9am. Staff will be in school on Tuesday 31 Jan should you need to contact the office.
Stationery Lists - this will be handed out on the first day back. As we have all the stationery at school: just cross out what you don't need to purchase, send back the form and the children will be given their stationery. Costs will be added to the school account.
Reminders - children are required to wear their school hat in term 1.
Swimming lessons will begin again right from Day 1 so pack the togs and towels.

2017 Class list

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Here is the classlist for 2017 to start the year.

Year 6 Leavers

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During the last week of the school year we have a couple of events especially for the Year 6 students.
This year we had a ride out to the Avantidrome and then a lesson and ride in the Avantidrome before the long ride home again.
The Leavers' Dinner is always a hit. The night before school finishes we have a dinner in the Hall. Everyone dresses up in semi-formal gear and enjoy a night of fun and food. The night concludes with a reminiscent time of their years at Roto-o-Rangi School.

The Puppet Man

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Today, Nov 22, the whole school was treated to a Road Safety message by "The Puppet Man". With an astounding array of puppets, he gave a vital road safety message, don't run across the road! A few years ago we had a tragedy just up the road from exactly that. So it was good to see the message again, delivered in a fun way.
The seniors even held and used the puppets at the end of the show. Just see how much fun that was.

Roto Athletics

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The Roto Athletics Day on Nov 18th was another successful and enjoyable day. The whole school participated in 5 Field events; discuss, shot putt, vortex throw (replaces javelin) long jump and high jump. After 5 weeks of practicing the techniques, the children were able to put their work to the test.
Following a quick lunch break we had our running races. Every age group had 2 track events and then there were the Cup Races - our glamour events. Any child over the age of 8 can compete in a Cup race (100m and 200m for the girls and 100m and 400m for the boys). The winners of each race win the historic Roto-o-Rangi Athletic Cups.
Congratulations to this year's winners:
100m Girls Champion - Maya Early
200m Girls Champion - Maya Early
100m Boys Champion - Shaun Baker
400m Boys Champion - Shaun Baker
Everyone supported each other throughout the day and showed great sportsmanship, even though they were still trying to win. It is awesome to see those school values coming out when we are in a competitive environment.
Thanks to all the parents who came down to support their children, and for helping run some of the events.

Country Fair Bonanza

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The Country Fair was brilliant. An excellent crowd came from out of town and from around the district to participate in the first Country Fair for many a year. Despite the fleeting showers a good crowd enjoyed the live music, the carnival games, petting zoo, spit roast pork and lamb; and live auctions. The very successful event raised over six thousand dollars for resources but importantly exposed the school to a much wider group of people.
It was great to hear people saying: "what a lovely school", "what a fabulous location", "I never knew this school was here-what lucky children get to come here every day?"
Thank you to all the families who dedicated hours of work to making the Country Fair such a success.

Nikita visits Roto

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Today, all the children were treated to a visit from Nikita Howarth - paralympic Gold and Bronze Medalist, World champion and World Record holder. Nikita spoke brilliantly, giving us an insight into the dedication and hard work required to be the best in the world. There was great excitement when the children got to hold/wear a paralympic gold and bronze medal from the Rio Paralympics. She regaled everyone with stories from her paralympic and World Champ triumphs and near misses. True to form, some of our children bravely asked questions around the challenges Nikita faces by having no hands. And true to form Nikita responded matter of factly and honestly. The children were in awe that Nikita saw no disability, just a challenge and that she wouldn't let anything stop her from being the best in the world. She is an inspiration to us all, and she comes from just down the road. We are proud to have an association with Nikita and her family.

Country Fair

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The Roto-o-Rangi School Country Fair is something that you don't want to miss and it is almost here.
Vintage tractor rides
A real live Mechanical Bull
Live Country Music
Stalls for the children
Small Game Hunt weigh in
Trash and treasure
Food - traditional fayre - spit roasts, candy floss, burgers ...

Came along, kick back and relax for the afternoon.
More details on the PTA Events page in the About Our School tab.

Art Auction

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Thank you to the many parents who attended the art auction on Thursday 8th Sept. The children were over the moon when other people were bidding for their pieces of art, but were much relieved when mum and dad won the day.
THe artists' pieces were sold after the children's, which caused a few bidding wars between "friends". The wine and cheese added to the sophistication of the night. All in all a fantastic evening and a fun, educational and social fundraiser. Here are some pre-auction photos. Auction night photos to come.

Art Week

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Art week has been a great success. Each class has completed a piece of art based on an artist, style or theme. Room 1 produced some magnificent Pohutukawa flowers, Room 3 drew inspiration from Eric Carle's Mr Seahorse, Room 4 created nightscapes and Room 5 used inspirational verse illustrated through personal life experiences. The most common medium used by the students was acrylic paint on canvas.
It was a wonderful learning experience that also produced some magnificent pieces of art. Congratulations to the teachers (including our resident artist and parent, Franzelle) and children.

Cross Country

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The two biggest events in Term 3 are the Cross Countries - The Roto-o-Rangi School Cross Country held on the gruelling Wallis Farm track. Then the Rural Schools' Cross Country. Both were once again scenes of inspiration, as children ran their very best whether coming first, last or in between. Check out the photo gallery for some wonderful shots of the event.

Roto-o-Vegas Night Fundraiser

Thumbnail: Roto-o-Vegas Night Fundraiser
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The evening starts at 6:30pm in the Hall. A $20 entry fee gets you $1000 of betting money (Roto-o-Rangi dollars) and to participate in auctions during the night. Your choice of Black Jack, Roulette or Crown & Anchor dice games.
There are real money auctions and raffles throughout the night too.
Cash bar available, with savouries and nibbles provided.
Limited tickets available from the school office, or at Colletts Panel and Paint in Leamington. Otherwise take your chance and pay at the door on the night.
Proceeds towards IT equipment and a Community Noticeboard.

Support Staff Day

Thumbnail: Support Staff Day
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A day to acknowldge the wonderful work done by all of our support staff.
Our school community would like to acknowledge the exceptional work done by the dedicated support staff at our school. The unwilting positive energy provided by Lorraine, Pip, Steph, Jackie and Rod is greatly appreciated, and is one of the many reasons that Roto-o-Rangi School is such a great place.
THANKS!! to all of you for your efforts.

Leadership Day

Thumbnail: Leadership Day
19 Images

The senior children completed a Leadership Day run by Sport Waikato. A mixture of physical and mental activities challenged the children to work as a Team, Lead from the front when needed and to be a group member. The day challenged many, especially when you were competing against another school but Team Work and Resilience won out in the end.

Entertainment Book

Thumbnail: Entertainment Book
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Discover real value with the new Entertainment Book. If you like to save money when you dine out or enjoy taking the kids to the movies, rugby, hot pools and many more exciting places then this is the book for your family. You can purchase the books online by going to or come into the school office between 8.30am-3pm. Books cost $60 and $12 of that is profit for our school to put towards awesome resources for our children.

OMG Tech!

Thumbnail: OMG Tech!
33 Images

On Saturday and Sunday 9-10th April 16 students were very lucky to participate in an OMG Tech day at the Waikato Show. The children were ale to try their hand at 3D design, robotics, deconstruction (destroying CD Rom/DVD drives to see what is inside them, science (chemical reactions and forces) and coding (the start of designing our own computer games). All of the children were focussed (entranced is probably more accurate) and had an amazing day (5 solid hours of technology learning).
Thanks to all the parents who supported the children on the day they went.

Have a try of 3D design through You can register to make your own account and begin your own designing.

Waihi Beach Camp 2016

Thumbnail: Waihi Beach Camp 2016
72 Images

The 2 senior classes have returned from a very successful camp at Waihi Beach last week. The students and parents enjoyed the week immensely despite the constant threat of rain trying to ruin the activities. Rough seas ended our rock pools activity and persistent rain halted a trip to the hot pools and made packing up camp a challenge, however the rest of the week went superbly well.
The Waihi Beach Surf Life Saving crew were fantastic. The children learnt about safe swimming at the beach, what to do if they ever got caught in a rip and CPR. Then they had some fun at the beach balancing on bogey boards in the surf, beach races and tug of wars. Then on day 2 it was Gold discovery as we visited Martha mine, the Education centre and then onto the Gold discovery centre. We were all amazed how much rock has to be dug up for the amount of gold and silver recovered – no wonder gold is so expensive. We finished the day with a swim down at the Bowen Town beach. No waves, but loads of nipping crabs. Day 3 was a walk through Karangahake gorge to look at the original gold era and the ruins of the past. Walking through the 1km long train tunnel was an exciting experience too. We were able to dodge the showers and remain dry throughout the 6km walk. We even got to see a seal on a rock in the middle of the river in the middle of the gorge. Back at camp we all had a well earnt rest, and that was when we were supposed to visit the rock pools, but the waves would have washed us all out to sea. Day 4 had howling winds all night long and persistent rain so the Hot Pools were cancelled and we packed our gear ready to return to school and a decent rest for some very tired children. Phew!
THANK YOU to all the parents who contributed to making the camp so successful. Their proactive support with all jobs and duties was much appreciated and the teachers could just focus on the children.
Thanks to all the children who put their best foot forward, showed all the school values – especially resilience, and managed a week away from home. No mean feat for some of our youngest children.

Meet the Teacher evening

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Meet the Teacher Evening, Thursday March 3rd. Now that Mr Edwards has settled in a bit we will be holding our annual Meet the Teacher evening. The night begins at 6:00pm with a swim in the pool and free sausage sizzle. Then at 7:00pm we move into classrooms to hear the way teachers operate in their classroom, what they are teaching and how they teach plus plans for the term. Don't miss out on this chance to speak with your child's teacher.

Swimming Sports 2016

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ROTO-O-RANGI SCHOOL SWIMMING SPORTS are happening on THURSDAY 25th FEB. Yes that is this Thursday, just 3 days away now. The day will start at 10am with a look at the Juniors – 5 and 6 yr olds, and non-confident 7 year olds in the shallower indoor pool. We will then head out to the much deeper outdoor pool for all the confident 7 year old swimmers and the 8-10 year olds.
The children can compete in either their Age group, or if they are in Yr 4 upwards can try to compete against the best swimmers in the Cup races. The teachers are sorting out who will be in Age races or Cup races at school. After lunch tends to be the relay races followed by the fun races – novelty races, choose your stroke race, parents v staff v children race. (Look out this year, as Mr Edwards is known as “the man from Atlantis” in the Te A pools).
The PSG have also kindly decided this year that at the swimming sports they will provide: a sausage and a Juicie for free for every child. Children will need more than a sausage and a Juicie so please make sure they have plenty of other things to supplement this free lunch.

School Camp

Thumbnail: School Camp
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The Senior School Camp (Rooms 4/5) will be held at Waihi Beach from March 21-24th. So get those holidays booked in, we are off.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thumbnail: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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The staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
To those travelling, be safe and enjoy the holidays where ever you go.
We look forward to seeing everyone again on Wed 3rd Feb. 2016 for another fantastic year.
PS. We are off to Waihi Beach for camp the week before Easter, so get those holidays booked in.

Christmas Parade

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Once again Roto-o-Rangi School have come up with a novel float to enter in the Cambridge Christmas Parade; an All Blacks float.
Earlier in the year the Anchor ad prior to the Rugby World Cup was filmed at school, and as we are a rugby mad place it was the perfect fit. Christmas is about celebrating the good times, and the World Cup 2015 was certainly one of those.

Cambridge Middle School Open Evening

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Tonight the 26th November is the open evening at Cambridge Middle School. The evening starts at 7 pm where families will go to their class for next year to meet their new teacher. At 7.30 pm families will make their way to the hall to hear from the Management Team. The evening should finish around 7.45 pm.

Senior Camp

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Departing by 9:00am Monday 23rd Nov will be the 2 senior classes as they head for Kotahitanga Marae on Otewa Rd in Otorohanga. All vehicles please be at school by 8:30am.
Returning approx 4pm Thursday 26th November.

Rural Schools' Athletics

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It is definitely going ahead today, Fri 20th Nov. See you at Vogel St grounds around 9.30am. We will be taking the bus for those students coming to school and needing transportation.

Disco and fireworks

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The Superhero Disco held on Saturday night was another great success. Thanks to the PSG for organising another stunner. KaPow!
The fireworks and bonfire followed which rounded off the night beautifully. Families were able to sit back, share a picnic and enjoy the display, thanks to the Roto=o=Rangi Hall committee.

Stunning Ag Day success - 15th Oct. 2015

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The annual Roto Ag Day continued to be a huge success. With 32 animals entered, plus 5 more from St Peter's Catholic, the event ran smoothly. It was obvious the amount of time and effort spent by the children with their animals, so congratulations to the children for doing so well. The Champions and Reserve Champions had to work very hard to come out on top. Here are the lists of successful Champions:
Champion Calf Leading: Hannah Stuart,
Reserve Champion: Levi Meerten,
Champion Calf Rearing: Charlotte Crofskey,
Reserve Champion: Jacoba Gread,
Champion Lamb Call, Follow, Run: Catriona Lamb,
Reserve Champion: Regan Trubshaw,
Champion Lamb Leading: Courtney Kennerley,
Reserve Champion: Catriona Lamb,
Champion Lamb Rearing: Deane Adlam,
Reserve Champion: Travis Adlam,
Champion Goat: Adam Pierce (SPC),
Reserve Champion: Colin Poka/Tomlinson

Fantastic New Murals - 12th October

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Thanks to the creative expertise of Nikki Fraser Campin, Mary Graham and Franzelle Pinfold Hitchcock, 4 giant murals have been created based on the designs of 4 of our students. Every child in the school has had a turn at painting the spectacular murals. They look magnificent and are something all the children can be proud of. A big thanks to Niki, Mary and Fran for the countless hours you have spent working on the murals. We can't wait to see them up on the school walls - watch this space!

Wearable Arts - 24th September

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A fantastic display of wearable arts with the theme of "Tread Lightly on this Earth" was showcased on Thursday. Each child designed and created their own clothing and the judging proved very difficult. The winners were:

Winner - Regan Trubshaw's "Parachuting Horse"
Runner up - Georgia Kuijpers "Colour Queen"

Winner - Maya Early's "Nuts & Bolts"
Runner up - Amber Hitchcock Moore's "Katy Perry"

Winner - Courtney Kennerly's "Fly Away"
Runner up - Toby Robinson's "Milk Man"

Speech Competition - 18th September

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Congratulations to all the speech finalists who competed in the Roto-o-Rangi Speech Competition. It still amazes me how confident people of such a young age can be in front of a large audience. Thanks also to the families who came along to support the other children.

Winners were:
Year 1/2: 1st - Levi M, 2nd - Dylan Norvill, 3rd - Maggie Strawbridge
Year 3/4: 1st - Maya Early, 2nd - Greer Curin, 3rd - Deane
Year 5/6: 1st - Catriona Lamb, 2nd - Charlotte Crofskey, 3rd - Grace Fraser Campin

Catriona and Charlotte will now compete at the Rotary School Speech competition in November. Good luck girls.

Our thanks also to Rosemary Cook and Gillian Diprose for being our esteemed judges on the night.

Grandparents Day - 6th August

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What a fantastic day we had last week for Grandparents Day. It was awesome to see such a great turn out of Grandparents and the children just loved having you here reading to them and enjoying their classrooms. A big thank you to everyone who donated a book or books for our Library, we really do appreciate your donation.

Maori Language Week - 31st July

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This week was a very enjoyable week of learning te reo Māori and some Tikanga Māori too. Whilst we incorporate Maori culture into our everyday learning, it was nice to devote a bit more concerted time to it, and learn something different from the normal.

Thanks for all the support with the hangi. It was a late decision to go ahead with it, but the children really enjoyed it and was worth the stress of getting it done. I hope families who got to have a sample (after I slightly over catered with the potato, kumara and carrot) of the leftovers that night enjoyed it as much as we did.

First Aid Training - 23rd July

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This week all the children across the school were taught some basic first aid. Whilst the senior classes were shown and tried CPR and basic emergency skills for broken limbs and cuts, the juniors focused more on knowing how to call the emergency services if they need to and things they need to remember like their address. A very worthwhile session that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders Award - 29th June

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Congratulations to Toby Robinson for being awarded the Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders Award for Roto-o-Rangi School in 2015. The award recognises leadership skills in young students, and this year Toby’s unassuming, quiet leadership style was chosen by the school. Similar to the way Sir Peter Blake lead many of the people in his charge, Toby does the same at Roto-o-Rangi School.

Sponsors, Westpac, were at a special assembly organised to present the award to Toby. Paul Evans, the Cambridge Branch manager presented Toby with his medal, red socks and an assortment of gifts about Sir Peter and his life. The senior boys from Toby’s class then performed a haka to honour his achievement.

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Squashed Sandwiches - 4th June

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Today the whole school took part in the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. The senior classes have been studying the healthy food options in their class programmes and today combined with the juniors to create a healthy lunch. The recipe was “Squashed Sandwiches”. They tasted much better than they sounded. Adding their own, school made hummus and tzatziki to the fresh components of a great sandwich, the children created sandwiches/rolls or wraps to eat their lunch. Even the fussy eaters had a try, and mostly enjoyed it.

Anna McNuff Inspires Students - 19th May

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World Adventurer Inspires Roto-o-Rangi Students
Anna McNuff, former Olympic rower and current endurance fanatic called in on the students at Roto-o-Rangi School on Tuesday. Whilst taking a small respite on her 2000km traverse of NZ on foot, Anna inspired the students to take on any challenge no matter how daunting.
The former Olympic rower from Britain now loves the challenge of extreme distance events. In 2013 she rode her bicycle 20,000km around the US, then in January this year began the task of running the length of NZ along the Te Araroa Track. Carrying all her own gear on the run, Anna generally sleeps in her pup tent and only has her solar powered GPS and iPhone to keep her safe.
The school is always searching for ordinary people who do extraordinary things to inspire their students to follow their school motto – Aim High. The students were mesmerised by Anna’s attitude to the physical and mental challenges she has taken on. When asked how she coped with the huge task of running from Bluff to Caper Reinga, by herself, she replied, “just one day at a time.” Achieving small goals helps you achieve the big goals.
The students researched Anna’s exploits over the last few years and asked some very thought provoking questions like; how many days have you gone without a wash? What inspires you to set such challenging tasks?”
You can follow Anna’s progress on her Live Tracker at The children at Roto-o-Rangi certainly will be, and will be cheering when she reaches Cape Reinga in late June.
Well done everyone invovled.

Rally Rolls into Roto - 17th May

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The annual Hamilton City Car Club rally was held over the weekend. The rally runs around the roads and hills of Roto-o-Rangi and Kairangi. Hence the school grounds are used for the service area of the rally cars. Cars of all makes, models and age race around the winding, narrow roads which provide an excellent challenge for the drivers.
The PSG organise some fundraising at the event through selling refreshments and running raffles. This year they raised around $1000 for the School.
Thanks to Michelle, Sacha, Jo, Katy, Ailsa, Pip (and some of their kids) who helped on the day selling food, beverages and raffle tickets. The delicious baking went down well, thanks to Mary, Natascha, Calleigh, Megan and Debbie.
Thank you to those families who sold their raffle tickets for the 10km Hot Lap around the racing route. The lucky winner was Michael Meerten, and boy was he pleased! Still hasn’t stopped grinning from the spin.

ANZAC Memorial - 25th April

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Thank you to the families and students who represented the school at the Cambridge Civic Service on ANZAC Day. You represented the school admirably. Also, prior to ANZAC Day the respectful way all students participated in the lessons learning about Gallipoli and what ANZAC Day stands for including the creating of the Field of Remembrance is a credit to the students and the families. Here are a few photos from the
ANZAC events.

Cricket: Town vs County - 22nd February

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On Sunday 22nd February the inaugural Town v Country cricket match was held at Roto-o-Rangi School. The parents from the school competed for the Roto-o-Rangi/Cambridge trophy in what turned out to be as one sided as the recent Blackcaps v England World Cup Match. A 160 run victory to the Country.
In a repeat of that recent international game, it was all over in the first few overs of the Country innings. Playing similar rules to indoor cricket with all players required to bowl and bat, plus runs deducted for every dismissal the Town could only accumulate 20 runs by the end of their innings. When Country began their innings the Town score was surpassed in the first 2 overs, and they went on to amass a score of 160.
Throughout the Country innings – twice as many sixes were hit as singles – a sign of their hitting power. Whilst Bruce Sherwin put his body on the line on numerous occasions in the field, he was not able to stem the flow of runs. In the end the Country stopped counting their score once they were 160 runs ahead.
Pip Early was named Player of the match, but humbly dedicated the win to the entire team. Although soundly beaten on the day, the Townies are out to seek revenge at the next competition in Term 2. Country beware!
After the game both teams reminicsed about fabulous dismissals, towering hits, superb fielding and how lucky Bruce was when fielding at mid-wicket and almost lost his head as the ball hit a divert and rose sharply. The BOT Chair was very excited by his final ball dismissal of the school principal; a particularly superb delivery that sneaked through the gap between bat and pad to knock over leg stump. All in all a magnificent day.

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