Roto-o-Rangi School

Rural Cross Country

The weather tried to hinder the Rural Cross Country but the children were not deterred.
Congratulations to everyone who competed. You represented the school beautifully: competed hard, participated with Enthusiasm and Respect, were supportive of other athletes and endured the weather without complaint.
Congratulations also to those who finished in the top 6, and we had quite a lot. We will hand out those certificates next week in assembly.
Especially proud of the support everyone gave each other - running alongside a teammate when they were distressed, stopping in your race to help a teammate who was hurt and the constant cheering for each other no matter what place we were coming. THAT is what Roto-o-Rangi School is about!
(Looking for some photos please parents - especially of the 5-8 yr old races).
Thanks to those parents who were able to help with transport too. It saved a lot of to and fro with the bus.