Roto-o-Rangi School

Speech Competition - 18th September

Congratulations to all the speech finalists who competed in the Roto-o-Rangi Speech Competition. It still amazes me how confident people of such a young age can be in front of a large audience. Thanks also to the families who came along to support the other children.

Winners were:
Year 1/2: 1st - Levi M, 2nd - Dylan Norvill, 3rd - Maggie Strawbridge
Year 3/4: 1st - Maya Early, 2nd - Greer Curin, 3rd - Deane
Year 5/6: 1st - Catriona Lamb, 2nd - Charlotte Crofskey, 3rd - Grace Fraser Campin

Catriona and Charlotte will now compete at the Rotary School Speech competition in November. Good luck girls.

Our thanks also to Rosemary Cook and Gillian Diprose for being our esteemed judges on the night.