Roto-o-Rangi School

Cricket: Town vs County - 22nd February

On Sunday 22nd February the inaugural Town v Country cricket match was held at Roto-o-Rangi School. The parents from the school competed for the Roto-o-Rangi/Cambridge trophy in what turned out to be as one sided as the recent Blackcaps v England World Cup Match. A 160 run victory to the Country.
In a repeat of that recent international game, it was all over in the first few overs of the Country innings. Playing similar rules to indoor cricket with all players required to bowl and bat, plus runs deducted for every dismissal the Town could only accumulate 20 runs by the end of their innings. When Country began their innings the Town score was surpassed in the first 2 overs, and they went on to amass a score of 160.
Throughout the Country innings – twice as many sixes were hit as singles – a sign of their hitting power. Whilst Bruce Sherwin put his body on the line on numerous occasions in the field, he was not able to stem the flow of runs. In the end the Country stopped counting their score once they were 160 runs ahead.
Pip Early was named Player of the match, but humbly dedicated the win to the entire team. Although soundly beaten on the day, the Townies are out to seek revenge at the next competition in Term 2. Country beware!
After the game both teams reminicsed about fabulous dismissals, towering hits, superb fielding and how lucky Bruce was when fielding at mid-wicket and almost lost his head as the ball hit a divert and rose sharply. The BOT Chair was very excited by his final ball dismissal of the school principal; a particularly superb delivery that sneaked through the gap between bat and pad to knock over leg stump. All in all a magnificent day.