Roto-o-Rangi School

Nikita visits Roto

Today, all the children were treated to a visit from Nikita Howarth - paralympic Gold and Bronze Medalist, World champion and World Record holder. Nikita spoke brilliantly, giving us an insight into the dedication and hard work required to be the best in the world. There was great excitement when the children got to hold/wear a paralympic gold and bronze medal from the Rio Paralympics. She regaled everyone with stories from her paralympic and World Champ triumphs and near misses. True to form, some of our children bravely asked questions around the challenges Nikita faces by having no hands. And true to form Nikita responded matter of factly and honestly. The children were in awe that Nikita saw no disability, just a challenge and that she wouldn't let anything stop her from being the best in the world. She is an inspiration to us all, and she comes from just down the road. We are proud to have an association with Nikita and her family.