Roto-o-Rangi School

Room 5 Camp

Room 5 enjoyed their few days on school camp in Auckland. Lots of experiences : transportation - we went walking, train, ferry, tram, car rides; learning accomplished - more about space at the Spacedome, Tip Top factory production line and systems, Map Art at the Auckland Art Gallery, electricity and conduction at MOTAT; social skills - preparing food for 30 people, sharing rooms with 5 people, getting to the right places on time, dealing with issues when you're really tired, supporting each other as we climbed very steep hills (Rangitoto and One Tree Hill).
All in all a very active, full-on learning experience. We didn't even get time to have the highly popular Bingo Night because we just didn't have time.
Thanks to all the parents who accompanied us. You made the camp easy through your hard work and fun attitude with the children.
Here is a selection of the group photos taken.