Roto-o-Rangi School

A One Stop shop for learning during a Lockdown.

Here we will place the ideas for learning you can be doing with your children during the time we have to be at home and distance learning.

Links to General learning sites you can click on:

Jump Jam routines          for fun exercise routines. We do Jump Jam at school every week, so the children know what this is.

Art and Craft        ideas for kids at home. Some things they can make away from a device.

Science - flight         activities you can do around flight

Flight        combination of information about flight and activities to do to learn about flight. Will need adult help

Links to Reading learning sites:

Sunshine Online            Username: roto-o-rangi        Password: Roto1927         Also has phonics, alphabet, spelling & maths activities

E-books        free access to Waipa e-books. You need a Waipa Library card.       Login: your card number    Pin: last 4 digits of your card number

Read alouds        picture books read aloud on video. Hosted on youtubekids (kids youtube) which requires a family to subscribe to. Free.

Ready to Reads        Junior level reading books Years 1-4

Links to Maths learning sites:

Basic Facts      a site with lots of games to help basic facts learning.

Counting      counting forwards and backwards. Customizable to suit 5 year olds upto adults. Parents - try it yourself. Take on the challenge!

Basics        activities to improve add, sub, mult using a deck of cards

Link to Te Reo ako:

Wai Ako         learning basic vocabulary through waiata on video. In the Resource section there are translations, worksheets, practices.