Roto-o-Rangi School

Smart Start
Roto-o-Rangi School is proud to introduce you to Smart Start – an introduction to school programme designed to help you and your child start at Roto-o-Rangi School as seamlessly and enjoyably as possible.

We hope that providing you with activities and ideas, along with school visits, will make the transition from Early Childhood/Home to school, an easy one.

The emphasis of the Smart Start programme is based on parents working through some simple tasks with their child in their home learning environment. Your child will benefit the most by being given the opportunity to try new activities themselves, whilst other activities will need your support. Encourage, explain, praise and model with your child to achieve success.

We encourage parents to read to their child every day. Throughout the week reinforce the learning introduced in some of the activities in a different context. For example, point out shapes and colours at home, in the supermarket, on clothing, in books etc. or count the number of buttons on a shirt, apples you get when shopping, steps at the back door, etc.

Each week we can provide you with new activities to go with some of the other repeated activities. The programme will have activities that require cutting out so your child will need a small pair of scissors suited to their hand size. Children do need to be taught how to cut things out. There will be some alphabet, first words we use in writing and number cards that you can begin to get your child to recognise. Don’t drill them though, make it a quick and fun time.

We hope that you enjoy the Smart Start programme. To collect your activities, please contact Tessa Goldsman, the New Entrant teacher. Participation is completely voluntary and how much you do is up to your busy lifestyle. Keep the items in the pack for future use.

Whilst you enjoy the activities, you and Tessa can also discuss school visits. These are as flexible as possible but we recommend a variation between morning, mid-morning and afternoon visits so your child experiences the varied learning opportunities they will experience. You can determine how many visits you need: some children need more visits than others before starting whilst others only need a few. We cater for each individual child and what they need!