Roto-o-Rangi School

School Bus

The Roto-o-Rangi School bus service operates 2 runs: The Country Run and the Town Run.  

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The Town Run is operated by Cambridge Travel Lines and administered by the Board of Trustees. The run has stops at Nickle Rd., The Oaks Drive, Lamb St., Shakespeare St., Browning St, and terminates at Leamington Rugby Club on Carlyle St. 

The Country Run collects children from around the surrounding areas of Kairangi, Roto-o-Rangi and Monavale.  

The Town Bus service is a user pays system and minimal bus charges are set by the Board of Trustees and notified to parents. Current bus fees are $30 per child per term. 

Responsible behaviour on the bus is expected at all times. Children are expected to:

  • remain seated whilst the bus is moving.
  • maintain a level of quiet conversation .
  • get on and off the bus in a safe manner. 
  • keep the aisle clear.

    If a child, who usually travels by bus, is going home by alternative means, they must have been given prior permission by a parent/caregiver and the office notified of this change. Parents/caregivers need to leave a message on the school's answer phone advising of any bus changes by 2.50pm or email/text the office, as the Office Manager uses this information to prepare the daily bus attendance checklist for the teacher on bus duty.