Roto-o-Rangi School


Each year we have students participating in four rugby teams in the Cambridge Junior Rugby Competition held on Saturdays at Memorial Park in Cambridge.  Three of our teams are mixed with children from other schools so that they can compete in the appropriate grade. 

All teams are coached by passionate parents who share their knowledge of the game to grow the students skills, stamina and encourage good sportsmanship. Coaches of the older grades must have completed a certified coaching course.

6th Grade is made up of all our own students

8th Grade combines

10th Grade combines

11th Grade is a mixed rural team

For further information on the rugby competition, selection guidelines and the rules go to         

Musters and registrations: End of Term 1 by Cambridge Junior Rugby who facilitate the organisation of the rugby season 

Season: Term 2 – middle Term 3

Training: Held at school lunch break or if it is a mixed school team they are held in town after school

Uniform: Provided by the school

Cost: $30

11th Grade

10th Grade

8th Grade

6th Grade