Roto-o-Rangi School

Our Team 



Wayne Donnellon


Teaching Staff

Tessa Goldsman ⇒ Room 1 (Yr 0/1)

Pam Furze (Deputy Principal) ⇒ Room 3 (Yr 1/2)

Caitlin Munford-Stokes ⇒ Room 2 (Year 2/3)

Courtney Watson ⇒ Room 4 (Yr4/5)

Mandy Morris ⇒ Room 5 (Yr 5/6)


Support Staff

Roxy Leach ⇒ Office Manager

Sandra Christiansen ⇒ Teacher Aide 

Monique Wiles ⇒ Teacher Aide

Rod Cooper ⇒ Caretaker 

Board of Trustees

Marcel Kuijpers - Chairperson                    Shelley Kennerley                     Steve Curin

Joanna McIntyre                                             Graham Norvill                                              

Tessa Goldsman - Teacher Trustee            Wayne Donnellon - Principal


The Board of Trustees (BOT) has the responsibility of governing the school and welcomes input from parents and regularly seeks to consult with the community when establishing the school's direction, writing policies and forming long term plans, etc.  The Board is made up of elected parents, a staff trustee and the Principal and elections are held every three years.
The school office holds a complete set of school policies and all board minutes and reports, which you are more than welcome to view. Board meetings are held twice per term and all parents are welcome to attend. Any issues or concerns regarding the management and delivery of the school curriculum should be addressed to the staff in the first instance and if you want any information on governance issues, then please ask any Board member.