Roto-o-Rangi School

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 

Chairperson:                    Annette Willis                          Treasurer:        Roseanne Keeley

Secretary:                         Hannah Hopkins        

Committee Members:      Natascha Johns, Michelle Trubshaw, Sacha Smith, Leeanne Montgomery, Deb Thurgood          
The PTA is a group of enthusiastic parents who meet regularly to organise fundraising events to provide a valuable financial contribution to the school. PTA fundraising provides additional equipment and assistance towards larger projects for the school which ensures we maximise the opportunities we offer our students.

How Can You Help?

"Many hands make light work"
We're always keen to welcome support from other parents at our school, whether it is occasionally or on a regular basis.  In helping out, you'll be benefitting our children, our school, and you'll feel good about helping!  
Ways in which you could support us include;
- Assisting at events; setting up, marshalling, manning the sausage sizzle
- Baking for raffles & events, or donating items
- Coaching or helping with sports teams 
- Joining our committee (we are in need of a Treasurer at the moment!)
- Sponsoring, or encouraging others to sponsor, a team, event or items needed for school.


So far this year we have provided assistance at our Swimming Sports event, Whole School Camp and the Rural Schools Triathlon. We have been fundraising with Oxford Pies (round one for the year), ice blocks & popcorn for the tamariki, and an amazing Mother's Day Raffle, which was won by one of our Mums at school!  We are still selling Entertainment Books, so if you would like to purchase this awesome book of discount vouchers and freebies please click on the link below.


Country Fair

In February 2018, the PTA organised the Roto-o-Rangi School Country Fair. It was a great family day out enjoyed by many. Visitors came from as far away as Taranaki and Auckland to enjoy the fun!  This year our Country Fair will take place on November 30th at the Cambridge Racecourse during the Cambridge A&P Show.  As the time draws nearer we will be seeking your support with this, but in the meantime you can forward any thoughts and ideas to Roxy in the office and she will send them on to the relevant people. 


Keep up to date on our PTA news by checking out our latest Newsletter!    

 PTA Newsletter March 2019.pdf