Stationery 2024


We have worked with Officemax to compile packs tailored to suit the needs of each class and to see our students through the majority of the year without running out of supplies. We have ordered enough packs for every child starting in Term 1. These are being delivered directly to school to save our families paying for postage to their homes. Packs will be distributed by classroom teachers during the first few days at school, so please ensure you have made payment into the school account prior.

Please take note of the cost of your child's pack, below, and deposit the correct amount into the school account using 'Stationery' and your child's name as a reference. The school bank account number is 02-0316-0126443-000. 

If your child needs a new book bag please add $5 to your deposited amount. Your child will be invited to choose from the range of colours we have available.

Our classes for 2024 are as follows; 

Room 1 - Mrs Tessa Goldsman (year 0/1)                     Room 1 Stationery List  $21.00 (add $5 for book bag if needed)

Room 2 - Mrs Liezel Tregoweth (year 1/2)                     Room 2 Stationery List  $32.00 (add $5 for book bag if needed)

Room 3 - Mrs Anna Booth (year 2/3)                            Room 3 Stationary List $35.00 (add $5 for book bag if needed)

Room 4 - Mrs Emma Williamson (year 3/4)                 Room 4 Stationery List  $32 (add $5 for book bag if needed)

Room 5 - Mrs Mandy Morris (year 5/6)                         Room 5 Stationery List  $33.50 (book bag not required)

School Account Number 02-0316-0126443-000

If you have any questions or difficulties please email the office Emails are not checked every day during the holidays so please be patient and know we will respond when able. Term begins on Tuesday 30th January at 9:00am.


Purchasing your own stationery

We have worked to provide quality stationery at as low a price as possible for our families, and we do not 'mark up' the cost at all. However, if you feel you would like to purchase your child's stationery from elsewhere please do so, but please ensure they come to school during the first week with everything on their class stationery list. Exercise books have been chosen by each teacher for specific purposes, so please make sure you purchase the same books. Please also email the office prior to 30th January to let us know if you will be doing this, to avoid being invoiced for a pack. You will still be invoiced for a contribution to class felts/colouring pencils. 


Supporters and Sponsors

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